Video Marketing 10 Second Rule

When creating a marketing video to share on social media platforms, the first 10 seconds of your script is crucial for retaining viewers.

Think about it. You’re scrolling down your Facebook feed and you see a video that has started to auto-play. If there is something interesting or attention-grabbing in the opening seconds, you will linger a little longer.

If, on the other hand, you see a boring talking head rambling on and on you’re likely to consider this video a waste of time and keep scrolling.

So how to do you make an impact in the first 10 seconds?

You begin with a hook.

In this vlog, I tell you about the video marketing 10-second rule and give you a tip to hook your audience. (Hint: Notice what I say at the very beginning of this video.)

Two Minute Video Plan Brandon Windsor Video Marketing Strategist


What if I told you it was possible to consistently create video marketing content lasting only two minutes that the majority of your social media followers would watch until the end?

What if I also told you that this video content would be shareable in its entirety across five social media platforms natively?

All of this is indeed possible and in this plan, I'm going to tell you exactly how to execute it step-by-step.

Video Transcript

So have ever heard of the video marketing 10-second rule?

The video marketing 10-second rule is a little bit different than the five-second rule like where you drop a cookie on the ground, and you’ve got five seconds to pick it up and kind of blow it off and eat it anyway.

The video marketing 10-second rule is about the first 10 seconds of your video. Data says that you have about 10 seconds to hook in a viewer when you’re making a social media marketing video.

Here’s what that means.

As somebody’s scrolling through Facebook or LinkedIn your video is going to come into view, you’ve got approximately 10 seconds to convince them that what you’re saying or what you’re offering in this video is worth stopping and listening to.

If you’re not establishing in that first 10 seconds hey listen to me, this is important, you’re really going to like this video, the person’s just going to keep on scrolling on and your video’s going to disappear.

So as your creating videos that you’re going to share across social media for marketing purposes for your business or brand I want you to think about that first 10 seconds.

What can you do to establish a hook to tell the viewer what the video’s about and why they’re going to love it.